Vamp Red-Gopi Skirt-Medium


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Gopi Skirt Outfit: Three in One Set: A visual twist on an traditional style, this l set can be worn for three different looks. The skirt comes in two separate parts. The first skirt is a solid cream material laced with designer borders. The second is a shorter see through, black with gold, layer. The two skirts can be worn together or separately. The outfit is paired with a deep red choli and finished with a hand crafted cream dupatta to complete the look.

Vamp Red – Gopi Skirt OutfitVamp Red by Rajhani Skirt waist 36 inches with draw strings, skirt length 39 inches. Choli bust 36 inches or can be tailored to 38 or smaller. Email us with your measurements if you need customize tailoring.

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